Cake failure turns trifle success!

Apricot Trifle

I searched on the internet for cakes using wholemeal flour and found this vegan Banana Walnut Cake

Unfortunately, the cake was pretty much a disaster (thank goodness I didn’t load it with a bunch of expensive organic ingredients, apart from my favourite Waitrose Organic Wholemeal Plain Flour). The proportions given in the recipe produced something so dry, it was barely even a biscuit dough, so I added an extra tablespoon of olive oil (which I substituted for the canola in the recipe). When I put it in the oven I just knew it wouldn’t be great.

The final product tasted OK but was dry as cardboard. When I wanted to heat up a slice to eat the next day, I steamed to add moisture, but it was still a chore to chomp through it.

So I decided to make a modified trifle, because I figured the liquids would soak into the cake. Here’s what I did:

1. Cut cake into slices and lined a glass dish. Made cuts on the top of each slice to aid the penetration of the fruit juice.
2. Opened a can of tinned apricots in natural juice (any tinned fruit would do).
3. Spooned the juice over the cake. Waited a while for juice to soak in, then added more juice.
4. Put a layer of the tinned apricots over the soaked cake.
5. I cheated: used a pre-mix of Chinese Almond Jelly.
6. Put the almond jelly mix on top of the apricots.
7. Chilled in fridge.
8. Ate it for supper and breakfast the next morning! The heavy wholemeal cake made this dessert feel substantial and filling.

Apricot Trifle cross section


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