How I cook

1. Inspiration: starts with a craving, or some ingredient in the kitchen I have to use up, or something nice I saw in a shop.

2. Look at some recipes.
a. will start with the recipe books I have at home if I can remember off-hand that they have a recipe for the item/dish I want to cook
b. Google it! and read lots of recipes for the same dish on the internet. My focus is on understanding the general cooking method. For western food, usually I trust Delia Smith and find her explanations very helpful, so will read up her Cooking School page to prime myself on the basic cooking principles (yes, a hangover from my life in England :P).
c. if there are tweaks and particular practical issues, I try to look for blogs where people have discussed their individual experiences in cooking this item/dish

3. Assemble the ingredients. Often end up substituting, changing quantities or omitting to suit my restricted diet, restricted stocks at home or restricted budget.

4. Start cooking. Usually by this time, I am only half following the recipe and just do whatever looks right to me or whatever I fancy

5. Hope it turns out edible!

6. If not tasty, time to start thinking of ways to reuse the dish to make another dish that will hopefully make it edible ^.^!

Quite often, as soon as I have tasted the result, I lose interest in the food, even if it was yummy! Guess the highlight for me is the fun of experimenting whilst cooking, rather than the eating. Then again, the silly thing is – I have to experiment in order to adapt recipes to my dietary requirements, which usually then renders them unpalatable to everyone else! The best euphemism I’ve heard to describe my food is ‘very healthy’ :).


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