Diets: Failsafe vs. anti-candida

I have been reading through the recipes in Sue Dengate’s book, Fed Up, trying to get ideas for what to cook & eat. The presence of white sugar and golden syrup all over made me alarmed as I have been trained on the anti-candida diet of no yeast & no sugar. However, this Sue Dengate factsheet on candida makes me wonder if I have should been doing it differently and paying more attention to salicylates all along. She says,

It is counterproductive to try to combine failsafe eating with a candida diet which excludes yeast and sugar. People who are failsafe ‘but not 100%’ and swear they react to sugar have almost certainly failed to reduce their salicylate level enough.

Sugar and yeast free diets exclude so many processed foods and natural foods high in salicylates or amines that most people improve when following them. Unfortunately, though, they are very hard to follow and many people come to us after months or years of a candida diet having failed to achieve the improvements they wanted, still not knowing which food chemicals affect them, and completely fed up with the idea of doing any diet. In our experience, it is easier and more effective to go failsafe.

‘Failsafe’ refers to Dengate’s approach to food, which is ‘Free of Additives, Low in Salicylates, Amines and Flavour Enhancers’. Anyway, salicylates are now my no. 1 priority, and my tolerance for yeast & sugar are much better now (though not unlimited), so I’m going to ditch the anti-candida diet for these few weeks and see how I go.

*Sigh* the biggest problem is the nerves of steel to stay ‘100% failsafe’, especially when surrounded by a family who are resolutely anti-failsafe in their own eating :].

P.S. I’m already a failed food-combiner and failed microbiotic-er, because I found them too hard. But I did learn a lot from reading up on each of those methods :).


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