Reverse imported food

Two interesting news articles in the last two days.

The first is about a well-known British-Indian chef, Manju Malhi, who intends to introduce to India, Indian’ dishes which are popular in Britain but unknown in India:

Malhi is shooting a television cooking show in New Delhi promoting British cuisine with an Indian twist, a combination she has dubbed Brit-Indi, and which has made her famous back in Britain.

Read more here.

The second piece of news is that sources of tuna are running low, causing a national sushi crisis in Japan. The solution for some is this:

Yamagata, 59, has been experimenting with more creative tuna alternatives at Miyakozushi, a restaurant catering to the business lunch crowd that has been in his family for four generations. He said his most successful substitutes were ideas he “reverse imported” from the United States, like smoked duck with mayonnaise and crushed daikon with sea urchin. He said he now made annual visits to sushi restaurants in New York and Washington for inspiration.

“We can learn from American sushi chefs,” Yamagata said. “Sushi has to evolve to keep up with the times.”

Food purists all over the world must be having heart attacks! But personally I do like chicken tikka and California rolls :).

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