Failsafe puff pastry with pear and mascarpone

Yum yum! I went to Carrefour yesterday with my copy of Sue Dengate’s Fed Up, just to make sure I didn’t buy anything disallowed on the failsafe diet.

Inspired by a posting on one of the Failsafe Yahoogroups, I looked for puff pastry and the Pampas brand from Australia seemed to be OK (Pepperidge Farm puff pastry, on the other hand, looked lethal). Happily, I even found Pampas brand Butter Puff Pastry in one of Sue Dengate’s recipes (Vegetable Parcels)! She says that most commercial pastries are made with oil that contain preservatives and there is no requirement to declare the latter on the label, so pastry made with butter is preferable.

Anyway, I followed the packet instructions – my first time using frozen puff pastry – and cut them into rectangular shapes, inspired by my favourite strawberry puffs at a small bakery-cafe I like. The packet even had instructions for fan-forced ovens so for the first time I dared to use the ‘fan bake’ function on my oven. The pastries were done in just 5 mins!

I sliced each baked puff pastry in half to make a little sandwich, which I filled with mascarpone cheese and baby pear puree (also purchased at the same time). Wow~~ I ate a total of five at two sittings :).

The bad news is: too much mascarpone = too much diary -> clogged up with phlegm all night until this morning :(. I think the failsafe diet is pushing me towards too many diary products and meat. It’s all very yang, I hope my system isn’t getting unbalanced in that respect.


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