… is a pretty typical reaction when I tell people about my wide-ranging food sensitivities. In the last two weeks, I’ve had to eat with other people outside the home four times and received one party invitation. Each occasion involves some explanation of why I have my own lunchbox (or giant food Thermos) in tow. Here are some of the responses I’ve received:

“Bah~! It’s all in your mind!”

“Are you sure it’s not psychosomatic?!?”

“Maybe you just persist and force yourself to eat what you are allergic too, sooner or later your body will get used to it and you will be fine?”

As I mentioned in an earlier posting, these comments come from people who haven’t seen my swollen Donald-Duck lips or noticed the unsightly scars from hives and itching that I keep well-hidden. And even assuming it was psychosomatic, the fact remains that I react to foods and something needs to be done about it.

All the more, I am deeply grateful and very touched by friends who haven’t summarily dismissed my food intolerances.


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