Failsafers in Singapore?

Today I picked up my copy of The Failsafe Cookbook, new expanded edition, courtesy of a relative who went on a trip to Australia. I thought that was my only chance to get the book when I read Sue Dengate’s website, which said

In answer to the many queries, the revised and updated “Failsafe Cookbook” by Sue Dengate will be available from bookstores in Australia and New Zealand in March 2007 and shortly thereafter in USA and UK, published by Random House Australia.

However, at about the time my relative returned from Australia, I saw this on Sue Dengate’s site!! :

June 2007: The Failsafe Cookbook and Fed Up with Children’s Behaviour DVD are now available in Singapore. Email Jacky at

The site is currently under construction and says, “We want to help you find cleaner/ additive free foods here in Singapore.” I wonder what kind of organisation or business it is? Will be interesting to see when the site is functional.

I’m looking forward to checking out the recipes in the book and trying them!


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