A good reason to make your own salted eggs

As I wrote recently, I am trying to make my own salted eggs at home for the first time. It’s really easy, following either of the two methods at Lily’s Wai Sek Hong : here and here and also on Wikipedia — either a brine solution method, or a dry method.

Today’s Sunday Times report on Singapore consumers’ responses to China-made food products included this important statistic:

This year, 41.6 per cent of the salted duck eggs and 26.1 per cent of the century eggs from China were rejected after they were found to contain a cancer-causing industrial dye called Sudan II.


Oh dear, I wonder what’ s in the remaining 58.4% of salted duck eggs from China? Maybe not as toxic as Sudan II, but possibly also not suitable for an additive-free diet.

14/4/08 Update: Further tips from me on making salted eggs here.


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