Forget the food, just quit the job

Was just reading an article by Beverley Paine titled ‘Food sensitivities or total stress load?’, and it raises a very important point:

I personally found that it wasn’t the salicylate alone that caused my intolerances, but an inablitiy to adequately handle stress caused by many different factors – eating a diet loaded with salicylate over a couple of days exascerbated my problems and usually triggered asthma and other allergic symtoms. If I wasn’t stressed physically or emotionally (eg from being cold, or a sudden change in temperature or barometric pressure, sitting an exam, visit to a new doctor, etc, or even simply hanging out with a group of friends) I could tolerate normal levels of salicylate in my diet. . . .

Ultimately I’ve found that I can eat almost anything – even foods high in salicylate – provided I manage my overall stress levels. This means low social activity, getting to bed before 10.30pm, exercise every day (usually only walking), avoiding stressful situations like deadlines, running late for appointments, etc. I watch intake of stimulants like caffeine. Anything that stresses the physical body in any way at all can trigger sensitivities to food and airborne particles…


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