Asian inspirations for Failsafe eating

Have been thinking of Asian dishes which could easily be adapted for a Failsafe diet, or provide the inspiration for Failsafe cooking. Today’s ideas:

Nonya favourites:

Pong Tauhu – omit prawns, taucheo (fermented soya beans), just make the tofu-meatballs and put in homemade clear broth with the bamboo shoots.

Poh Piah/Kueh Pie Tee – again omit the prawns and taucheo from the cooked filling; unfortunately the toppings will have to leave out the beecheo sweet sauce and chilli as well as prawns, nuts, laap cheong Chinese sausages, and don’t forget to use Iceberg lettuce instead of the usual lettuce variety. It won’t seem much like poh piah without the beecheo :( but one could happily enjoy Kueh Pie Tee.

Japanese basics:

– choose a Failsafe filling, and to be on the safe side, you might want to leave out the seaweed wrapper.

Festive red rice with azuki beans
– leave out the sesame seeds.

Okonomiyaki (see also here)- basically a savoury pancake, just make sure all the vegetables are Failsafe, and no ready-made sauces. Maki at Just Hungry gives instructions for homemade mayonnaise to go with the onkonomiyaki, which will be Failsafe if you replace lemon juice with citric acid and leave out the mustard powder. Amine-tolerant people could try using a homemade brown gravy in place of Japanese commercial brown sauce. I guess without the characteristic Japanese mayo and brown sauce, this is really just a glorified vegetable fritter :/.


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