Sweet rice & red bean – so versatile

Tried out this very easy Failsafe dish today: Japanese sticky/sweet rice (similar to other Asian glutinous rice) cooked with red beans.

There are very good instructions on Maki’s Just Hungry site, but to make sure the dish is free from salicylates, omit the sesame seeds.

[I’m a little confused about the exact status of sesame seeds’ salicylate levels: this site puts them as low, this one says they are moderate, and this list says they are high! Well, none of them say sesame seeds have negligible salicylates so best to avoid them if possible.]

Version 1
For breakfast, I ate this in the Japanese style as described by Maki, as a savoury dish, flavoured with salt.

Version 2
For supper, I ate it as a Southeast Asian-inspired hot dessert by adding sugar and unsweetened soy milk (in place of coconut milk).

Another successful innovation in the search for Failsafe foods to satisfy the Asian palate :).

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