Food Rotation

I’d written earlier about the importance of managing overall stress levels when it comes to dealing with food sensitivities. Another important principle is that of rotating foods.

The concept of food rotation was something I encountered some years ago when I was dealing with candidiasis, and remember the suggestion to eat a particular food no more than once every four days. (Actually, it would depend on the individual but short of a lot of experimenting or using tools such as muscle testing, once in four days seems like a good basic rule to follow.)

I recall reading that foods well-tolerated when eaten too often, or in excess, might cause one to develop an intolerance. However, these days I’m more inclined to think of it not so much as ‘developing’ an intolerance, but rather overshooting one’s limits. And where the limits lie depend on the holistic factor of one’s overall stress level.

Since going on the Failsafe diet, and facing even greater restrictions than when I was on the anti-candida diet, I’ve begun to pay more attention to food rotation as a way of expanding my dietary range. Moderate-salicylate foods are fine for me if I don’t have them every day.

Recently, I started to wonder if I am sensitive to wheat/gluten as well. I continue to react to more than one serving per day of failsafe-OK but anti-candida no-go foods like bread (contains yeast and sugar) and Weetabix (contains malt and sugar). In the past I would have simply put it down to the candidiasis-based sensitivity to yeast & malt, but now I’ve begun to suspect that it’s a limited tolerance to wheat/gluten instead. In any case, as long as I stick to no more than one piece a day and try to not to eat both bread and Weetabix on consecutive days, all has been well.


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