My favourite kitchen tool

Silicone brush B

… is this silicone brush & baster from Mastrad/Orka.

Silicone products are a bit pricey but this one has been worth every cent. I bought it after a very silly melting disaster when I used a $2 Daiso pastry brush to apply oil to the surface of our electric barbeque.

The silicone brush comes in handy for me in all sorts of ways, such as:

Food preparation
* Brushing water over the inner surfaces of onigiri moulds before sprinkling salt

* Brushing oil on frying pans before cooking.
* Coating the surface of the waffle iron before pouring in the batter.
* Applying oil to the surface of the electric barbeque & the food whilst cooking.
* Oiling the frying pan surface in between layers of egg whilst making tamagoyaki.
(*Basting roasts – I haven’t done this myself but this is one of the intended functions of the product.)

* Brushing the tops of pastries and buns with glazes.
* Oiling the surface of the bread machine tin.
* Oiling the surface of baking trays and pans.


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