“Wholesome Sweeteners”

I’ve been buying this brand of sugar, Wholesome Sweeteners, for several months now.

I first saw it on sale in Cold Storage Jelita (where you can usually find two or three types of Wholesome Sweeteners’ sugars in stock under the organic section). After walking round the shelves and comparing Wholesome Sweeteners sugars with the imported sugars from Billington’s brand, I realised that Wholesome Sweeteners products aren’t all that expensive. (Local brands of non-organic sugar are much cheaper, of course.)

For example, here are some Cold Storage prices:
Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Fair Trade Sugar (S$5.81/ 454g)
Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Turbinado/Demerara Sugar
(S$7.44/ 681g)
Billington’s Organic Demerara Sugar (S$6.22/500g)
Billington’s Unrefined Demerara Sugar (S$6.67/1kg)

As you can see, Billington’s has non-organic and organic ranges, as well as a fairtrade range, so be aware of which type you pick up. In comparison, Wholesome Sweeteners are both USDA-certified organic as well as fairtrade. They appear to be committed to being non-GMO, high product quality and using sustainable agricultural methods – see the FAQ and this document on their Sucanat production methods.

Apart from the reasonable pricing, what I like about Wholesome Sweeteners’ sugars is that they are available in regular supermarkets – aside from Cold Storage Jelita (not all Cold Storage branches mind you), I’ve also seen them in Carrefour Plaza Singapura, and MarketPlace supermarkets such as at Tanglin Mall. Of course the various health food shops stock Wholesome Sweeteners too, such as Eat Organic and Supernature.

Each store may stock different types of sugars from the Wholesome Sweetners brand, so you’ll have to shop around. I’ve only seen Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Fair Trade Dark Brown Sugar in Carrefour, not Cold Storage so far. Supernature stocks the larger-sized 2lb. packs of Sucanat, which I’ve not seen elsewhere and which are a bit cheaper.

Check out also the low Glycemic Index Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Blue Agave Nectar which I’ve seen on sale in health food shops, such as the ones I mentioned above.


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