Bento for a day out

Here are the bento boxes I prepared today for lunch and afternoon snack. I wanted something easy to eat on the go as I wasn’t sure if I would get a chance to sit down at a table. In the end I found that dipping the okonomiyaki in the two little mayo containers isn’t quite ‘on-the-go’ eating, so I ended up munching the finger food in the afternoon snack box for lunch (whilst walking!) and having the okonomiyaki much later on when I finally had a chance to sit down somewhere. The bento lunch strap on the afternoon snack box was quite fiddly to manipulate whilst walking, will have to remember that for future ‘on-the-go’ meals – which are obviously not recommended for healthy digestion :P!

Lunch (in 870ml Lock & Lock box)


Bento lunch 071110

1) Okonomiyaki (yam, plain flour, 1 egg, dash of milk [to replace dashi as overshot my dashi limit, it made me itch the other day], cabbage, bean sprouts and chopped squid). Separated from rest of food with decorative plastic divider. Further notes on my okonomiyaki experiments here.
2) Cut-up Packham pear in silicone baking cup.
3) Green container: Japanese mayonnaise mixed with fresh, grated wasabi root; orange container: Japanese mayonnaise mixed with organic ume (plum) paste. I realise commercial mayo doesn’t fit in with my attempt to avoid processed foods, so I limit myself to a miniscule smear of it on each piece of okonomiyaki.

Afternoon snack (packed in two-tier container with felt bento strap, all from Daiso)


Bento 071110 snack2


Bento snack 071110

1) Onigiri with salt and nori, no filling.
2) Steamed pumpkin sprinkled with furikake, in silicone baking cup.
3) Home-made wheat germ corn muffin in silicone baking cup (for presentation purposes only – it was baked in a normal, metal muffin tin with no paper liners).




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