DIY Furikake

Just Hungry’s Maki has put up her new bento site, Just Bento. It’s full of the wonderful how-to guides and solid food advice that makes Just Hungry one of my favourite reads.

With my multiple and constantly changing food sensitivities, I try my best not to consume anything that hasn’t been prepared in the home, so I was very excited to see a recipe for making your own furikake on Just Bento. It uses daikon/radish leaves, bonito flakes and tiny shrimp. I’ve found daikon and tiny shrimp from Japan (actually, any fresh produce from Japan) to be rather expensive in Singapore but there are very similar items on sale in local supermarkets and wet markets which are much cheaper. [27/12/07 update: see all of Just Bento’s homemade furikake recipes here.]

Till now I have been relying on the macrobiotic Muso brand furikake, which as I’ve mentioned, I’ve only found on sale at Brown Rice Paradise, a shop I don’t buy many things from because of the high prices, so it’s a pain to have to specially make a trip there to get furikake.


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