Bento round-up

These are the bento I packed over the weekend. A full day-out on Saturday, and dinner out on Sunday.

Saturday bento


bento lunch 071117

This was the main lunch bento, which comprised:

1) Sandwich made from homemade wholewheat bread. I spread one slice with butter, the other with a mix of fresh, grated wasabi root mixed with Japanese mayo (oh dear oh dear, got to stop relying on commercial mayo…!). The filling was crockpot-roasted chicken (recipe here), pan-fried abalone mushroom and a mix of alfafa & radish sprouts, with salt for seasoning. I wasn’t sure how the tastes would combine, and worried that there were too many bitter flavours (wasabi, abalone mushroom & the sprouts) but in the end it was utterly delicious!

2) Pieces of guava in the orange silicone baking cup.

3) Sticks of fried Japanese sweet potato (purple skin).

4) Skewers of tiny longish tomatoes (organic from Thailand, can’t remember the name of the variety) with de-seeded cucumber chunks. A close-up of the animal skewers from Daiso below.

The lunch box I used was a 1.1litre from Lock & Lock lookalike brand, Everin. In general, I’ve found that Lock & Lock lookalikes, although cheaper, don’t have as sealing clips that fit as well as those on Lock & Lock.

bento skewers

Additional snacks for morning & afternoon tea and all-day muching

bento 071117 heart

bento 071117 agar

(Above) A two-tiered bento (purchased from Daiso):
Top layer: heart-shaped onigiri mixed & topped with furikake, sticks of fried Japanese sweet potato.
Bottom layer: red bean + soy milk agar-agar in pig-shaped mould, Pu-Erh tea agar-agar in round cup. Read more in my posting on agar agar.

bento 071117 yoghurt

(Above) Packham pear with Greek yoghurt sprinkled with cinnamon. This is packed in a Lock & Lock box from the EZ-Lock range which seals tight in the middle so the yoghurt can’t leak across the divider (unlike regular Lock & Lock).

bento 071117 cookies

(Above) Stack of five Double Wheat cookies in airtight container.

Sunday bento: dinner

bento 071118 dinner

A two-tiered bento (purchased from Daiso) filled with leftovers from lunch:
Bottom layer (pink): sushi rice topped with furikake
Top layer (yellow): sitr-fried cauliflower+cabbage in pink silicone baking cup, stir-fried pork with leek & garlic, tempe, homemade salted egg.


9 Responses

  1. Hi, came to your blog by chance :)
    Your blog is very informative. I love the bento sets you have made, they are delicious and yet healthy! Great job!

  2. Thanks, Happy Homebaker :). I just had a look at your site – wow, really informative and impressive!

  3. thanks for this post! now i feel inspired! do you have a good bento cookbook to recommend? (i’m very lost for ideas).

  4. Hi Canton Pixie,

    You can get a start without books, just go to and or the other links (including to the many Flickr bento groups with amazing photos) in my earlier posting :

    Here are book reviews from and

    I have some of the same books as them, and a few others – all bought from Kinokuniya Japanese section. There’s about half a shelf of bento books, great for browsing :).

  5. oh great, thanks a mill!
    and btw, i’m also a great fan of freezing, but my hubby complains that he has gas after eating food reheated from the freezer. do you have similar reactions from ur family members? i can’t help thinking this is psychological – but i have no way of disproving this. another fren told me that only if u leave it in the chiller then u will get gas, but otherwise, if u freeze the food immediately there shouldn’t be gas.

  6. Hmmm, I don’t know about gas…. However, I think your friend has a point cos freezing immediately does preserve the freshness better.

  7. Lovely idea to make pu erh tea agar-agar! I should get my agar-agar out and make something fun too…

  8. Hi Biggie,

    Thanks for visiting & your comment. As you can tell from the frequent references here, I am a huge fan of your Lunchinabox site ^_^!

    I’ve finally written up a big posting all about agar agar here:

  9. […] racked my brains for agar flavours to complement my bento and eventually made two flavours: a) red bean & soy milk (slightly sweetened) – a combination […]

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