Bento, diets and appetites

It was very interesting to read how Maki of JustBento successfully employed bento boxes as part of a weight loss plan which helped her shed 30+lbs. LunchInABox has detailed instructions on the Japanese method of calorie counting by choosing a bento box size appropriate for one’s age & gender. In my case, however, I’ve been struggling with how to eat more, not less.

Firstly, the food intolerances mean a restricted choice of foods, even more difficult when it also has to be portable and easily prepared early in the morning. Discovering bento culture has given me a lot of inspiration and ideas for ways to prepare food for the lunchbox, as well as skills on functional and aesthetic packing. Visual attractiveness and variety in the foods really does enhance the appetite ^_^.

Secondly, toting a bento means that it’s a day when I’m out of the house and am probably rushing around trying to get a million things done. Stress totally kills my appetite and the last thing I feel like eating is a hearty meal of rice and cooked dishes, even if it’s hot in the insulated flask or freshly-heated in a microwave. Sometimes I don’t have the luxury of a table to sit down at and lay out my dishes. On such days, finger foods in bite-sized portions and raw foods stand a better chance of being eaten.

So for me, LunchInABox‘s daily attempts to get her young child to finish his bento meals hold many useful tips for feeding myself! And I love all those cute bento accessories. The child in me never grows up :).


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