For Lock & Lock fans

Having spent hours perusing the full range of Lock & Lock at the Korean Lock & Lock site (yes, very sad, I know :P), it gives me a kick to chance upon less common Lock & Lock items in Singapore shops.

This beautiful range of ‘Glass Lock‘ – glass casserole dishes with airtight Lock & Lock plastic lids – is now available in Singapore. OG is the first local store to stock this, but only a version without the intricate floral detailing on the lid. There are a couple of gift sets which are a good deal. [26/12/07 update: the floral lid version now available in Isetan! Iwaki glass but label says glass container is made in Thailand, lids made in Korea, one year warranty.]

Lock & Lock glass

Or if you fancy this set of airtight Lock & Lock condiments containers, Takashimaya and Carrefour have the three-container set, and OG stocks the two-container set.

Lock & Lock condiments

Incidentally, many of you will probably already have noticed the heavy product endorsement in Korean dramas especially for handphones, however in the last month, I’ve noticed Lock & Lock playing a serious role too!

Lock & Lock picnic large red
This is picnic set I spotted in Coffee Prince (stripey bag in the chicken feet clip and orange bag for the leftover spring onion pancakes). 9 Ends 2 Out not only has the stripey picnic set, but do keep an eye on all the refrigerator shots too ^^! If you are dying for a picnic set with stripey bag just like on TV, I see them in more & more shops in Singapore, e.g. at Carrefour for $21.90 .

Lock & Lock picnic small blue
This stripey set for one person is harder to find though, after I grabbed the very last dark green colour set at Isetan a couple of months back, I haven’t seen them anywhere since. The second box has a removable divider with two sections so it’s different from this set used by LunchInABox, where one of the boxes is divided into three sections.

4 Responses

  1. Ooh, I now officially lust after that last blue stripey Lock & Lock set for one person. Such nice lines!

  2. Glass Lock with floral lids now available in Isetan :)!

  3. Hi, I live in the UK and am so jealous of the Lock & Lock lines available in Korea. I have been trying to view the website but without understanding Korean it’s very difficult. How can I buy these products? I love them!

  4. Locknlock Singapore now on facebook !
    Check it out!

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