Shopping for bento boxes

As I’ve mentioned before, Lock & Lock boxes are my usual containers, although I’ve also acquired some very affordable S$2 double-tiered boxes from Daiso. I’ve often wondered about the paucity of decorative bento box choices in Singapore, not counting the insulated sets that cost over S$50.

Whilst browsing around Orchard Road, I looked through some department store toy departments and discovered that if you like Hello Kitty, Shinkansen etc and have the appetite of a 5 year old, there are a few more cute choices out there. Even so, the more exciting options at specialist Sanrio corners are about half the cost of those expensive insulated sets! For example, if you got excited by JustBento’s giant Hello Kitty box, it will set you back about S$24 at Isetan Orchard :P.

Minimalist boxes are currently in stock at Daiso, but I also saw some nice white ones with dividers (and a slightly larger two-tiered box) at Muji (S$19). See photos and review (in French) of the Muji boxes at French Bento, who also thinks they are too expensive :).

The shopping range is nothing much to rave about at all … not that the aesthetics of the box is really important at all, as JustBento reminds us, any functional box will do. However, LunchInABox has made me realise the advantages of having boxes of different sizes and shapes to fit the kind of food and pack it securely. It also makes lunch more exciting when there’s variety in the packaging :).

P.S. If you have been admiring these ice cream sandwich moulds at LunchInABox which can be used for shaping onigiri and hard-boiled eggs , Tangs sells them under the Mastrad sillicone range. The good news is that there is currently at 20% discount, the bad news is that a set of three costs S$33 before discount. Still waaaay more than the onigiri and egg moulds at Daiso that come in packs of two or three for S$2!


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