Clever kitchen tool: chopping board with measurements

Never mind about the leaky slider zip bags, Daiso is filled with terrific items, such as this, which ranks alongside my other favourite kitchen tool.

measuring chopping board

Finally, I’m able to slice puff pastry sheets into even sized portions! At last, my sandwich halves are the same size! Chopping foods into bite-sized pieces to fit into those bento side dish containers is a cinch – and it will all look neat & beautiful in the bento :).

Daiso stocks a few types of these measuring chopping boards, including this round one to help you slice cakes into even wedges.

measuring chopping board round

My only grouse, as with all these soft plastic chopping sheets, is that you can easily end up with nicks and cuts on the surface if you use a sharp knife.


2 Responses

  1. […] quantities). To divide the dough evenly, I rolled each piece of dough into a strip then put it this chopping sheet with measurements and cut the strip with a pair of scissors into the required number of pieces. 7) Boil a large pot […]

  2. […] Cutting Board With Measurements: If you are among those who needs precision when it comes to cutting slice puff pastry sheets into even sized portions or want sandwich halves of the same size, this is for you. […]

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