Kitchen disaster: plastic stock bags

As much as I am a die-hard fan of Daiso, I had a couple of less-than-satisfactory encounters recently.

The non-kitchen story is of A4 plastic sheet holders, the kind with lots of holes along the length for inserting into ring binders. *Sigh* not every plastic holder was evenly sized, some could not fit in a sheet of A4 paper to lie completely flat.

The kitchen story is about plastic zip bags for freezer storage. It’s a well-known kitchen tip to freeze soup stock in ziploc bags. Taking the word ‘stock bag’ on the packaging quite literally, I cooked some dashi stock and poured it into the stock bags, only to have them drip out at the bottom corners! Of my three bags, one had to ditched immediately, the other two seemed ok so I put them flat on a tray in the freezer. A couple of days later, I noticed in the tray a shallow layer of frozen fishy-smelling liquid – yes, it was definitely the kombu-bonito stock….

Daiso freezer bags front

These are the freezer bags. There is also a ‘stock bag’ version, which uses thinner plastic.Hmmm, maybe I should have just stuck to using them as shown in these pictures on the back of the boxes. They certainly don’t illustrate liquid storage!

Daiso freezer bags back B

Daiso freezer bags back A

Nevertheless, I still adore these Daiso slider zip bags for storing dry items. I put nori seaweed (with the original desiccant pack) into these zip bags to keep it crisp, and I put my teas into multiple layers of zip bags to keep them away from exposure to the air. Where else can one get slider zip bags at this kind of price :) but if they are not water-tight this means they aren’t airtight either! So I will need to upgrade my storage strategy!!


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  1. That’s a very good point – Daiso goods are generally “cheap and cheerful”, not necessarily the best quality. I guess as in all things, buyer beware!

  2. don’t mean to laugh lah, but it’s so unlike u to go and use these cheapo bags for stock!! :P

    i was first converted into a freezer-maniac after reading this book “Super Baby Food” – and the book advised buying proper freezer bags and not ‘storage’ or ‘sandwich’ bags. I find that after using a few brands, Glad freezer bags are the thickest and probably best in quality. and please, u dont want to go cheap on these cuz with all the made-in-china scares around , u don’t want toxins to leach into your stock and poison all your food!

    And for stock – i go to SKP and buy those plastic containers instead. u mite like those. if u wanna go rustic, can even buy paper cups to keep your stock.

  3. Aiyah~~ there are many good Daiso products so it didn’t occur to me there would be problems with the bags until the disaster :P.

    I do have some Glad freezer bags kicking around the house I’ll remember to use those next time (because they are so strong, I also use them for packing stuff when travelling, and to keep my handphone safe from the rain on outdoor trips).

    You are right about leaking toxins. Hey I was surprised to see that despite a big price difference, ALL the brands of plastic cling wrap in the supermarket are made in China, including Glad!?!

    What are SKP plastic containers? My family is still using traditional enamel pots for storing leftover food & soup in the freezer but I’m encouraging them to use Lock & Lock boxes instead.

    However, compared to boxes & pots, freezer bags can store smaller one-portion amounts and take up less space lah :).

  4. oh my gdness, i didn’t realise that all the clingwraps are made in china, even glad!!!

    u must have read also, try not to bake using made-in-china stuff – read from those US & Europe forums that china enamel / stoneware contain lead (!!!!)

    but did u read the warning on the glad clingwrap? it says not to use on sweet / fatty foods – i take it to mean that sweet / oily stuff cause the plastic to ‘dissolve’ and leach into the food. i think this use of plastics is one of the causes of xeno-estrogens and the high incidence of women’s problems.

    anyway, so whenever i need to use it, i always use a bowl / whatever container, and wrap the container above the food – so that the wrap doesn’t touch the food. and, i wouldn’t use those ‘baking wraps’ or use wraps in the microwave. i think the heat does something to the plastic, just that those manufacturers don’t tell us. (just like teflon!!) ditto for aluminium. if u need to bake inside aluminium (like fish parcels), i use greaseproof paper to wrap the fish & sauce, and then outside with aluminium so that it doesnt leach into the food. (

    SKP is the supplier of those food containers that the food courts use –

    here’s some pics of their containers

    i use SKP round containers (coming to think of it, it’s not very space-efficient- i do think rectangular boxes are more space-efficient in the freezer) to store stock – and i recycle the covers (cuz u buy the covers separately) but less of the containers – cuz the stocks always make the containers very oily, so when i’m lazy, i just dump the containers. i would suggest however, that u dont pour hot stuff into the containers but wait for the stock to cool in the fridge or something – just so the plastic doesnt get mutated or seomthing.

    for one-portion amounts, u’ll find something at SKP as well. (as u know,i hv a 2-yr girl and have to store tiny amts) – i use (don’t laugh!!) those tiny party cups (they store about 100ml volume), and then cover with paper muffin covers (i had to buy 1000 of these cuz they didnt stock the smaller nos the last time i went there), and secure with rubber bands. they store anything from fruit juice to lactose free milk (for my baking) to mashed potato to soup stock. anything goes.

    for even tinier soup stock options (sometimes my girl eats frozen porridge flavoured with 1 cube of stock) – i use plastic egg trays that i can just throw away after the stock is frozen.

    btw, i paid a visit to vivo yesterday. cldn’t find the waitrose bread flour, but found another brand that can give the other brands a run for their $$ – Country Farm Organics. it’s a malaysian brand i think. :)

  5. Wow! thanks for all the great tips, Canton Pixie. I didn’t know about wrapping food in greaseproof paper before using aluminum foil. I also heard years ago that mugs with black/dark paint more likely to contain lead, than white colour ones.

    Thanks for the SKP link too :). I’ve been looking for those souffle cups for putting into bento boxes.

    BTW, I’m a big fan of Corelle because it’s lightweight but not plastic-y, almost unbreakable and also non-reactive, so good for microwaving too :).

    Isn’t it scary when you think about how many things we have to be careful of *sigh*… Sometimes I think I should use the microwave less too, but I’m lazy :P.

  6. […] More on moulds (for fried egg, pancake etc.) Published December 7, 2007 consumer watch , kitchen tips The fried egg star turned out really pretty but sad to say, the Christmas tree mould was another kitchen disaster (no thanks to Daiso once again :P). […]

  7. Just read this review of plastic storage bags:

    The intense testing procedure came up with Glad Freezer as the bag of choice.

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