Useful kitchen tool: digital timer

When our old, wind-up timer died after I dropped it, I had the excuse to indulge in one of those digital timers I had been eyeing for a long time.

Initially I considered saving the S$20+ (yes, they can be pretty pricey) by using the countdown timer on my handphone, but then I realised that I didn’t want my phone covered in butter, dough and other sticky stuff from the kitchen and that I probably would be too lazy to put my phone into a plastic bag every time I wanted to use it in the kitchen.

kitchen timer small

There are some cheaper digital timers, but I finally chose this one because of the calculator-style numeric keypad. This allows you to punch in the required time rather than having to hold down the ‘seconds’ and ‘minutes’ butttons till the desired number is reached.

I’ve been surprised how much difference this simple feature has made. It’s so much more convenient to use the timer that I use it a lot more often now, including for brewing tea, and it even does the short 30 second timing for genmai-cha (which a wind-up timer would be unable to do).

Aside from the cord for hanging it around your neck or wherever, there is a magnet on the back so I keep this stuck on the outside of the fridge for easy access. Its slim profile also means that it’s not so easily knocked off the fridge door as compared to the bulky, old wind-up timer (which also had a magnet on the back).


3 Responses

  1. i am impressed by their use. i went thru a few primitive timers – and eventually i chanced upon the ikea ones.

    they are so cheap at S$1.80 that i bot 4, for various uses (sometimes i have two things on the stove at the same time), and still going strong!

  2. Your Ikea ones look snazzy and I’m glad to hear they have lasted since March! Good deal!

  3. […] timer #2 Published December 7, 2007 consumer watch , kitchen tips I love my calculator-style kitchen timer as I wrote earlier. However, as Canton Pixie pointed out, there are times when you need more than […]

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