Non-English books & LibraryThing

Last night, I was ecstatic to realise that LibraryThing connects to which means I can add in my bento books (see ‘My Bookshelf’ and ‘New on my bookshelf’ sections in my sidebar, right at the bottom).

But there are some major problems. Firstly, the search engine appears to be useless if you key in Japanese text though – it seems to return with every single thing on Amazon Japan! ISBN is the only way to go. Secondly, I now discover that for some of the Japanese items, although the correct titles & book covers appear on my list of books, if you click on them to see publication info and other readers’ comments, entirely different books appear!

I’m also frustrated – there are no sources for searching Chinese books on LibraryThing. There are a number of university libraries that the service links into which probably have some Chinese titles, but I really doubt they have the latest publications on cooking Chinese desserts! I’ve tried keying in the titles manually but it’s too time-consuming and there won’t be any book covers and other information.

Looks like I might have to forget about using LibraryThing for sharing my Asian languages bookshelf for now.

Anyway, to whet your appetite, here are some new Chinese books I recently picked up at Kinokuniya’s Xmas season 20% discount offer for members.

圖解食物營養素 圖解食物營養素

幸福的甜品 幸福的甜品

超簡單手工麻糬 超簡單手工麻糬

糕&炒年糕 糕&炒年


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