A guide to Daiso living

If you need ideas on how to incorporate into your daily life all those thousands of Daiso household items you had no idea you needed, or couldn’t figure out to use, this is the book for you: 39元的幸福生活 [39 Yuan Happy Living].

(Click on the link below to see more page views from the book.)


Chinese-readers will get the most out of the explanations but non-Chinese-readers can also enjoy the aesthetic layout design and beautiful photos showing household set-ups using various items from 100¥ shops. Budget zakka!

Many of the products are instantly recognisable as Daiso ones, but that’s not the only source of these cheap items. Unfortunately, Daiso is the only such 100¥ shop we have in Singapore :(, but if you are in Taiwan, this books lists other similar stores in major Taiwanese cities.

The cooking section includes simple recipes, as does the section dealing with bento products.

Actually, this book is quite an indulgent purchase because the Singapore Kinokuniya price is almost ten times what a single item from Daiso costs :P.


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