Ie Soba いえそば

I would love to receive one of these for Xmas \(^_^)/!


It’s a plastic soba machine from toy manufacturer, Tomy, and is marketed as being easy enough for kids to produce homemade soba in 20 minutes!

Read more about it (in English) and watch an informative product video here. Hmmm, it looks like there’s still a lot of manual labour involved and the machine certainly doesn’t help you with the hard work of kneading the dough :P. And it’s priced at 13,125¥ :P.

But it would certainly be nice to enjoy homemade pasta, including noodles that aren’t entirely made from wheat flour, such as soba (approx. 30% wheat, 70% buckwheat). I wonder if there are other traditional noodles to explore, rather than using modern gluten-free combinations like this one which rely on xanthan gum (which also happens to be extremely expensive!).

I’ve often watched the daily demonstrations of soba-making at Shimbashi Soba at the Paragon basement: see some pictures of the soba master at work and his tools. It’s inspiring enough to make me want to try making noodles at home too, and I love the mill on the side that grinds buckwheat grains into flour – now that’s fresh! A long, long time ago I went through a phase of making very rough pasta hand — shortly after my days of bread-making by hand; both bread and pasta making were fun but involved too much work to make me want to continue. With my food intolerances now (actually I probably had some intolerances back then too without realising it), there’s a lot more motivation for me to go DIY.

See more about the process of making soba here, a recipe for homemade soba here and how to cook and serve it here.

I’ve not had any experience with pasta machines – can anyone tell me if this soba maker is basically identical to a western pasta machine? The information on this forum mentions that pasta machines extrude dough whereas soba needs to be cut–?



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