Soy bean fibre (okara)


After making soya bean milk to go with glutinous rice balls, I had plenty of soya bean fibre, (Japanese: okara; Chinese: 豆渣 , leftover from the process of making soya milk. I’ve only recently learnt that okara is commonly used in Japanese cooking.

One of the Japanese wagashi cookbooks I have, 《和果子.和甘味 (秋冬篇)》, has recipes for Soybean Fibre and Dried Shrimp Cracker as well as Honey Soybean Fibre Cookies. Just Hungry’s instructions on how to make soya bean milk also tell us about okara, and she also has suggestions on how to use okara in savoury foods as well as baking. Zlamushka explains how she makes soy milk, okara and yuba (soya bean skin) and the many ways she uses okara, such as to make breakfast cereal.

This website suggests several ways in which to use okara:

  • Use to add body to soups, stews, mashed potatoes, and cream sauces.
  • Mix with cottage cheese and chopped vegetables and seasonings to make a spread for bread.
  • Stir a little into porridge and weaning foods.
  • Use in mashed vegetables and nshima.
  • Add to bread dough and other baked goods. Substitute up to 1/3 of the flour in a baking recipe with okara, but be sure to reduce the liquid ingredients to compensate for the moisture content of the okara.
  • Use for dips and spreads by adding your favorite herbs and spices.
  • Use as a base for making patties, meatloaf, meatballs, sausages, burgers, and polenta. When using okara for patties or meatballs, add the sauce at the last minute, as it does not have the texture to hold up in liquid.

More information on okara:
* Read more about the history and use of soybean fibre in China, Japan, Indonesia as well as Europe and America here.
* Nutritional values of okara here.
* Important tips on using raw or cooked okara in baking here.

Some okara recipes:
* Okara stew, okara rice fritters, okara dumpling soup, okara corn soup, okara oat flakes pancakes, homemade soy noodles

* Soy okara muffins, okara nut bread

* Okara almond cookies, okara rice burger, okara & vegetables, okara waffles

* Okara oat coconut cookies (in Chinese)

* Okara cookies with sesame seeds (in Chinese)

2 Responses

  1. Hi there,

    Thanx a lot for linking to my post. I am honored. I was looking through your recipes and definitely found some inspiration, particularly on another usage of okara. It is nice to hear there is another health.conscious baker out there.
    Lovely blog, I ll visit more often.

  2. Hi Zlamushka,
    You have a nice food blog too! Looks like you are very experienced with soya milk/ okara/ yuba, plenty to learn from you :).

    新加坡人蛮喜欢吃辣的, 我们的中餐有好多种辣椒酱,另外也有娘惹nonya/Peranakan/Straits Chinese、马来、印度料理,都包括很多不同咖喱, 你可能会欣赏新加坡的美食文化 :)!可惜我对香草、调味料过敏, 连辣椒都尽量不吃,所以好久没吃辣的东西了。

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