Bento dinner: rice and side dishes

Bento dinner rice dishes

1) Thai Hom-Mali brown rice (which I’ve commented on here), shaped with heart and star shaped rice moulds from Daiso. Topped with the garlic, sliced leek and juices from the pork stir-fry
2) Pork stir-fry with garlic, sliced leeks and salt. In red silicone baking cup.
3) Tamagoyaki with chopped spring onions, fried sliced shallots and salt. Unlike conventional tamagoyaki, there’s no soya sauce, mirin or sugar used here.
4) Cauliflower stir-fried with sliced carrots and salt. In green silicone baking cup, also used extra cauliflower florets to plug in the gaps in the box.

On bento box size

Lunch in a Box
and Just Bento have detailed guidelines on how to choose bento boxes of the appropriate size. In my experience, the recommended sizes are actually fairly accurate in terms of how much I can eat at one meal.

The bento here is in a 870ml square Lock & Lock box which I’ve often carried (as you can see here). From experience, I’ve discovered that when tightly packed, it’s way too much food for me. This one was a dinner bento I brought to a friend’s house party and there was more than enough for dinner plus a midnight snack when the conversation carried on till late.

To have one bento box worth of food to last two sittings isn’t a good idea because the food needs to be tightly-packed to stop it rolling around inside the box. After eating up half or most of the food, the remainder inevitably becomes an unappetising mess by the ‘second sitting’. Much better to pack two smaller boxes: one about 600ml for the main meal, and another 250ml-300ml box for the extra snack.


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