10cm pan: fried eggs & blini

10cm pan

I’ve been eyeing these cute little Tefal pans for a long time, but thought it was gratuitous to buy yet another piece of kitchen equipment, and it’s not as if we don’t already have an ample supply of skillets at home. But I finally caved in and now I think these 10cm pans are actually pretty useful.

They are just the right size for a single fried egg, which is my breakfast on most days. However, I’m still undecided as to whether I prefer the texture of fried eggs cooked in this size of pan. It had not occurred to me before what a difference this would make.

Being concentrated in an enclosed space, the egg white is as thick as the yolk and therefore both white and yolk take about the same length of time to cook. Whereas in a larger pan, the egg white spreads out thinly and cooks quickly, with a light, tender consistency quite different from the heavy white mass produced in the 10cm pan. In large pans however, the yolk takes longer than the white to cook, so either you have a runny yolk, or you need to use a lid to get the yolk more solid.

The label on this pan says ‘blini pan’, which reminds us that it’s also perfect for small pancakes, such as Russian-style blini – quite different from English pancakes and French crepes that you might make in the Tefal 25cm crepe pan (which I have also been eyeing for years :D).


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