Muffin shapes and sizes

Muffin sizes

When I made those green tea, red bean and pine nuts muffins, I decided to try out different shapes and sizes, using the various types of silicone baking cups I’ve collected.

The square and diamond shapes remind me very much of the style of cake presentation from the Hong Kong-produced cookbook of tea cakes (i.e. sweet snacks to go with morning/afternoon tea), 輕食小茶餅. The book uses fairly standard western cake recipes but all are baked into individual servings, rather than large loafs or rounds and sliced. A variety of decorative moulds of different shapes are used and they struck me as very attractive. The book also showed me how to I can use my doughnut baking tray for other recipes :).

Silicone baking cups variety

Diamond and square-shaped silicone baking cups sold in packs of one dozen (only one shape in each pack) from City Super, Hong Kong. Note the line three-quarters of the way up the inside which tells you where to fill the batter up to – how clever!

I was also trying out mini baking cups for the first time. This is a perfect size to pop into a bento as a sweet dessert, and also excellent for sharing with friends. Because of my food sensitivities and hypoglycemia, I always carry my own box of snacks to parties, gatherings and meetings, and I try to bring some extra to share around so that it doesn’t seem so rude :), however, there’s also a high chance that my healthy snacks won’t go down well with others :P – so these tiny servings are a good solution.

Silicone baking cups round

Silicone baking cups: mini size from Daiso (S$2 for pack of 4) and standard size from Ecko brand, available at Singapore department stores, e.g. Tangs (S$11.60 for set of 12) and OG ($11.90 for set of 12). Daiso also has the standard size (S$2 for 2) but it’s almost always sold out!


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