New page: Q&A

The search engine terms that lead to my blog sometimes include questions that I haven’t addressed directly in my postings, but which I do know the answer to. So this new ‘Q&A’ page is for those questions and answers in the hope that someone will find the information useful.

Do leave a comment on the ‘Q&A’ page if you have any questions. I will post an answer if  I already know it at my fingertips. For more difficult questions,  you might need to do more research of your own, I’m afraid :)!


2 Responses

  1. Hi

    I’m new to baking, and am thinking of getting a convection oven – good enough for baking bread and cakes will do as I don’t cook meat usually.

    I am not considering those 2-in-1 type ( microwave and convection type ) as I read using the microwave to cook food is not a good idea.

    But I really don’t know which brand or model of oven is a good buy.

    Can u recommend some ovens ( non built -in) ? Would really appreciate your help as I hope not to regret buying the oven.

    And thanks so much for your blog. It’s really useful to new cook like me.

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