Urara galore!

I’m sorry this Daiso consumer watch is a month late – which means that Daiso is probably completely depleted of stocks by now, but please keep a lookout at the three Singapore Daiso branches :). [Daiso shopping tip: never go on weekends! It’s too crowded to move and all the items are in a huge mess — a most distressing shopping experience!]

The Urara range of bento equipment by Lube Sheep is one of the most common bento boxes/sets out there. Just Google and it appears that every other bento fan on the internet seems to have one, often purchased through J-List/J-Box. No wonder that Just Bento recently posted a review of the Lube Sheep lines.

I was overwhelmed when I came across an entire wall of Urara products at Daiso recently. Tons of blue Dragonfly (とんぼ – a new Japanese word for me, which also brings back childhood memories of Tombow stationery ^_^! I still swear by their ‘Mono’ erasers!), red Rabbit (うさぎ) and yellow flower (はな).

Urara box long

Not only did they have these same long two-tiered sets which everyone seems to have (above), there was a two-tier box in a more stocky rectangular shape (volume: 250ml+ 360ml; total approx. 20ml more than the long version, which is what I chose) and even a two-tiered box with triangular upper half for a large onigiri! I can’t even find pictures of these other shapes on the official Urara homepage by the manufacturer, Nakano Lunch. Everything else you see on the Urara official page was also available at Daiso, with the exception of perhaps the boxy thermal bag.

These are the items I ended up getting:

blue Dragonfly short two-tier box

Urara short box

lunch belt [Shopping tip for lunchbelts in Daiso, Singapore : they are to be found all over the shop – felt ones in sewing section, cute ones with character goods, some near the bento equipment, some in stationery. Basically it’s because the staff have no idea what they are for! I tried explaining to one of the staff in Plaza Singapura once but I don’t think she believed me, or didn’t care or whatever… anyway, in all three Daiso branches, the lunchbelts are all over the place! Good luck!!]

Urara lunchbelt

lunch bag

Urara lunchbag

fork in plastic case (useful for snack bento)

Urara fork

ランチーフ, which I presume can be used as a furoshiki and place mat

Urara ranchiifu

bag for plastic cup

Urara cupbag

I didn’t buy the tiny plastic cup, but loved the quality of the bag which has a smooth, gauzy lining, great for storing miscellaneous odds & ends.

There’s also a wonderful range of chopsticks in three lengths, one type with a cloth case and separate plastic boxes available for the other types. However, as I already have a much more convenient pair of folding chopsticks, I managed not to succumb to the Urara chopsticks.

P.S. A word of warning: I had another Daiso disaster (see my previous disasters here and here). One of the handles on a lunchbag I bought broke when I put a 1 litre water-bottle inside it, along with my bento box. It was the only bag I had with a square base – just right for the square type Lock & Lock box. I have since consoled myself with an extravagant Muji purchase (especially compared to S$2 Daiso items!) – more on that one later (^_^)!

4 Responses

  1. Hi, I went to Diaso last Sunday nite…and it was very crowded…I used to shop at around 10am in the morning ;) I manged to get 2 nice plates, two packs of furuki and a can of red bean paste…I have just used the red bean paste to make a braided bread!

  2. Hi Happy Homebaker,
    I challenge anyone to walk out of Daiso empty-handed :)! The store is a mixed blessing: everything is only S$2 but on the other hand one ends up buying too many things (some of which don’t work very well or don’t last very long)!

  3. Are the bento boxes microwaveable ?

  4. Hi Kyra,

    Yes, they can be put in the microwave without the lids for reheating only, and not for oily foods.

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