Kitchen tool of the year: ceramic vegetable peeler

I’m sticking my neck out here but I’m going to venture that this will be the highlight of my kitchen tool discoveries for 2008.

Kyocera ceramic peeler

Ceramic knives were something totally new to me and did not attract my attention despite walking past the shelf full of them at Tangs many times. It took a trip out to the obscure Tan Boon Liat Building in Outram, where Nature’s Glory is located, where I happened to step into a shop on the ground floor selling kitchen equipment. I later discovered that the very knowledgeable and friendly man in the shop who introduced me to Kyocera ceramic cutlery tools, is food blogger, Chubby Hubby’s ‘knife sensei’, David, at Razor Sharp – a knife sharpening service and shop that is also the agent for various lines of premium kitchen equipment, including Kyocera.

Finally, motivated by our dreadful old vegetable peeler that’s worn-out, rusty with blades that are twisted out of shape and almost impossible to use. I decided to invest in a Kyocera vegetable peeler with blades made of ceramic which won’t rust or get bent. Fruits like apples and pears also won’t brown so easily because they haven’t been peeled with a metal blade that promotes oxidation.

I used it to peel daikon today for a steamed Chinese radish cake 蘿蔔糕 and it was a jaw-dropping experience! Razor-sharp and utterly smooth, it also sliced terrifically fine so just the peel comes off with no wastage.

Of course it’s an expensive tool, but just the thing if you need an antidote to one-too-many Daiso $2 disasters :D. Tangs offers 25% off selected Kyocera products, including the vegetable peeler (full price, S$35), or next time you pop down to Nature’s Glory, you could go straight to the agent, Razor Sharp (unfortunately, all items are typically full list price except for occasional sale – right now, it’s the veg peeler with U-shaped handle on sale at a fabulous S$12! also the ceramic julienne slicer for S$19, usual price S$52) .

As for ceramic knives, although they can be great to use, they are more brittle than steel knives, hence the mixed reviews here and here, and if you go for the hard (haha!) details of knife construction, do check out this review.

If you’re still keen to try out a ceramic knife as well as the peeler, rush down to the current Isetan sale where a medium-sized kitchen knife is paired with the vegetable peeler for S$69, a fraction of the regular price (plus 20% discount for Isetan members, I think).


3 Responses

  1. I’ve always wanted to try one of those. Sounds great and it doesn’t rust.

  2. i’ve already tried some ceramic knives, they are good in sense that they don’t rust but they are quite brittle than the other steel knives. why don’t you try one so, see the difference..

  3. i find that ceramic kitchen knifes are the best because they are very sharp and easy to clean ‘

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