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A bumper posting for those of you in Singapore :).

Ceramic vegetable peelers & other kitchen tools

Razor Sharp, which I mentioned in my posting on ceramic vegetable peelers, is selling a handful (only a handful, literally) of Kyocera and Cuisipro items at great discounts.

Fortunately, this includes a ceramic vegetable peeler at less than half price for just S$12 (although not the one I featured in my post but the U-shaped handle version). Ceramic julienne slicer also available for S$19 (down from S$53). [If you’re looking for other Kyocera products, you’re actually better off at one of the big department store sales because although Razor Sharp is the agent, all items are sold at list price -no GST though.]

I also picked up a Cuisipro silicone spoon, with detachable metal handle for half price at S$12. Earlier, I posted about my favourite silicone kitchen tool, the brush. I’ve been wanting a mixing spoon that isn’t too floppy, so that it can deal with heavy batters and doughs, and silicone being heat-resistant, this can also be used for cooking on the stove. Plus it’s non-abrasive and can be used with non-stick cookware, and scrapes really clean. The removable head is an added plus which allows for thorough cleaning.

All-new Brown Rice Paradise!

Some weeks ago, I discovered that Brown Rice Paradise at Tanglin Mall has changed hands, moved to a ground floor location and gotten a spiffy new supermarket-look. The prices were already rather stiff before, I hope this new jazzed-up shop doesn’t jack them up even more! The shop is currently closed and will open again on 5th April.

They have a brand new website which is offering some promotions right now.

– REFER A FRIEND by forwarding their details below to us, or better still, swing by our store with your friend(s), and each receive a free BRP-gift!
– spend >$50 in one receipt and enjoy 10% off subsequent purchases…
– Re-opening discount!!! leave us your contact details, and enjoy a further 10% off on all your purchases, when you visit the re-opened store!!! Sign up now…

Organic chocolates

You probably already know Green & Blacks organic chocolates. These are widely available in supermarket organic sections, health food stores etc. Priced at just under S$7, they are a typical price for organic chocolates, with some brands costing even more.

That is, if you haven’t already discovered Carrefour organic chocolate (milk –S$2.65, 74% dark — S$3.95 and cooking S$3.25) , as well as Marks & Spencer organic Swiss chocolate at S$4+, which I think tastes nicer than the Carrefour ones.

Vital wheat gluten

Thanks to the tip from Canton Pixie, I finally found vital wheat gluten for baking bread at Phoon Huat. I missed it before because it’s kept inside the refrigerator, not next to the flours. Incidentally, vital wheat gluten should be stored it in the fridge, where it can be kept for six months (1 year if frozen).

Vital Wheat Gluten Phoon Huat
Please click on image for larger version.

In contrast, vital wheat gluten from Bob’s Red Mill, which is imported from USA and sold in upmarket shops like Vivocity’s Naturally Marketplace, is stacked on the shelf of flours and grains next to all the other Bob’s Red Mill items.

There is also a massive price difference: about S$4.70 for 400g in Phoon Huat, and about S$26 for about 600g+ of the Bob’s Red Mill version in Naturally Marketplace!


11 Responses

  1. $26 for 600g!?!?!?!
    tha’ts exhorbitant!!!

  2. Yes it is!!!

    BTW, today I was in Bras Basah Popular Bookstore and saw the Ng Siong Mui ‘Health, Beauty & Rejuvenation’ recipe book for S$26+.

  3. thanks!! i found out after looking at the yellow phone book (im so used to using the internet for everything!!) the publisher’s no. and foudn out that they are just located in bt timah, sime darby centre or something.

    and i’m having 2nd thots about getting this book – cuz a lot of the recipes look very ‘advanced’ leh. what do you think? i haven’t even like mastered most of the recipes in the “secrets of nutritional cookery”, and feel i’m not qualified to “graduate” to this next book leh..

  4. Hi CP,
    Well, you could still get the book in anticipation of the time you ‘graduate’ to that level just in case it goes out of print and you can’t buy it at all :D!

  5. hhmmm…i guess u r rite!!

    u know what? i hv just been diagnosed as having yeast infection :(

    now i hv to cut sugar out of my diet completely… :( feeling very down. and wondering about what snacks i can eat now! (more keropok!?!?!)

  6. Hi CP,

    Oh no, you have my full sympathy and empathy. I’ve been on the yeast infection-no sugar journey too! I was no sugar for a couple of years.

    At first it was really hard learning to spot the ‘hidden’ sugars in foods then I learnt to read labels more carefully, looking at the sugar content in the nutritional table in addition to the list of ingredients.

    As someone who used to LOVE reeeallly sweet stuff, it was hard at first. But after the first three weeks I noticed a strange, deep calmness even though I was actually rather stressed out in general. And I stopped craving sweet things too.

    I indulged in a lot of potato chips :). Peanuts are out cos of the mould. And every week I made sugar-free muffins (see my recipe on this blog) and scones to be eaten with butter/cream only, no jam/honey etc. Those were the days when that was all I knew how to make! Those were also my bread substitutes. I also used to enjoy sprouted wheat bread (no yeast, no NOTHING, just compressed sprouted wheat), which you can get here but pretty expensive – about $8 for a loaf. Err… if you can tolerate wheat that is… but I’ve also seen the less common spelt version before too.

    Yeah, keropok is a good idea. Maybe you can try roasted soya beans for snacking, savoury pancakes for tea-time, or plain shortcrust pastry in biscuit shapes. And those savoury steamed Chinese snacks. Plain steamed taro, sweet potato and tapioca are also good snacks. How about onigiri Japanese rice balls with just salt & nori seaweed (or appropriate savoury filling)? Roti prata might be OK (I’m not sure if it’s leavened with yeast?)…

    There are lot of no yeast/candidiasis cookbooks out there (there are a couple on my Bookshelf), which is where I got my muffin and pancake recipes from. Some of them use Xylitol as a sugar substitute. It’s verrrry expensive and I preferred to wean my tastebuds off sweet flavours so I didn’t use any sugar replacements. Except for fresh fruit in my muffins. Stevia is a sugar substitute that actually helps deal with the yeast problem but I never found a shop in Sgp selling it :(.

    On the plus side – I lost weight and went down three clothes sizes after cutting out the sugar and junk food! (But you are underweight, right? hmmm….) So please try not feel too down and just focus on the things you can eat. Jia you :)!!

  7. thanks so much niceties! i’m really grateful to know u…:)

    stevia?? i keep thinking i’ve seen it in the organic shops here. i must have been imagining things!

    i am VERY underweight – and not becuz i’m starving myself. !! i eat a lot of protein / carbs, but am still terribly underweight at 41kg , 1.6m!

    i have a savoury tooth, so dont have much cravings for sweet stuff – but i’m terribly dismayed at all the hidden sugars that are in the savoury foods i love. think indian rojak, etc. i also learnt after reading the ng siong mui books that there is so much sugar that goes into chinese cooking! (she puts sugar in every dish, incl veges).

    but, ok, at least i can eat potato chips right?

    ok, i got a question. the Leon Chaitow book says, to avoid fruits and dried fruits as well. so tha’ts whats making me so miserable. did u avoid those as well!?!?

    what’s worse, i even suspect that the last 1.5 mths of daily mango & durian binging did me in. as someone wiht a very cooling complex – i can only eat heaty fruits. and i LOVE mango and durians. and was eating both daily for the past er, 1-2 mths!! and i’m so sad abt not eating mangoes and durians. :(

  8. Hey CP, maybe you _have_ seen stevia and I’ve just missed it! So if you spot it again, pls tell me. It also could be that it was some years ago that I I went round asking and since then the shops have started selling it.

    Yeah, those ‘hidden’ sugars were the hard bit! And no soya sauce because it’s fermented so I basically have hardly eaten Chinese food outside the home since 2002!!! The good news is that many savoury dishes can be cooked without sugar and they taste OK, and your tastebuds will get used to it.

    Yes, unfortunately dried fruit are out too. Re:fruits, some people recommend no fruits, others say limited fruit. I went with the latter. You might want to be very strict initially, then ease up a bit later on. (On Failsafe diet, western pears are the only OK fruit, so that’s almost no fruit as well!)

    For me, I was also really sad about no mushrooms. I LOVE mushrooms… but you know how your body will crave precisely the foods that set off a reaction :P.

  9. hi Niceties, will definitely let you knwo if I see stevia again. (I suspect that Nature’s Glory & Organic Paradise might just carry it.

    I’m very discouraged because I realised today that charsiew was out, and hordes of other Chinese food that I love. I am not into soy sauce – but my replacement – fish sauce – has got sugar in it! urgh! Now I’m back to abandoning Ng Siong Mui’s recipes, and trying to go for the angmoh type recipes which use only lemon juice, salt & pepper!!

    And I LOVE dried figs. :( and I LOVE mushrooms too.. :( this is getting very hard. and today, I bought “corn nuts” from NTUC Finest! And chips as well. OF course i went for the plain, salted kind.

  10. Hi CP,

    Yes, the worst thing about the yeast infection diet is how a lot of Chinese, Japanese, Asian food is all out of the question. I know British food is supposed to be really boring and bland, but that’s the kind of thing one has to fall back upon – plain food with no sauces or fancy seasonings.

    BTW, in case you haven’t had a look yet, the Paul Pitchford book on Healing with Whole Foods has a section on candidiasis.

    Hang in there, OK?

  11. oh! thanks! i forgot about that book!! will look at it later tonight…

    keep encouraging me!

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