Alternative method for separating eggs

The most common ways of separating the egg white and yolk are to use an egg separator or by tipping the egg between the two halves of cracked shell and letting the white run into a bowl whilst keeping the yolk cupped in a shell-half.

Egg separators come in various designs. The most common type is a shallow dish with slits along the upper edge to allow the white to flow out leaving only the yolk sitting at the bottom. The wire mesh ones are probably much more effective, and I’ve just come across this novelty type. There are also various patent applications for new designs of egg separators.

However, I don’t have an egg separator and have often used the shell-tipping method, which my grandmother taught me decades ago.

Then several years back, my grandmother found a much more convenient method. We saw on TV an advertisement for special Omega-3 enriched eggs and the ad showed how the yolks could be removed simply by scooping them away from the white with one’s fingers. Grandma wasn’t convinced that only “Omega-3 eggs” had these special yolks and so she tried it with regular eggs. Voila! Success!


Recently, having had to whisk up eggs whites separately for some recipes, I’ve had to do a fair bit of separating. The tipping from shell to shell method has required much more care (in order not to pierce the yolk in the course of moving the yolk from one half to the other) and seems to leave a fair bit of white around the yolk. Most probably, the latter would also be a problem with dish-type egg separators if the dish is much bigger than the actual size of your yolk. Especially so when using regular supermarket eggs in Singapore which tend to be on the small side.

Anyway, no need to spend money on a dedicated egg separator; the hand-scooping method is much faster, easier, less chance of breaking the yolk and takes out only the yolk, leaving the maximum of white behind. Only more messy for your hands . (And I’m not the only one who recommends it — see here.)


2 Responses

  1. My mum’s method: she used a soup spoon (Chinese, porceline type) to scoop out the egg yolk, and it always worked. I use the shell-tipping method though :)

  2. Thanks HH, that’s a great tip about the porcelain Chinese spoon. Much less messy than using hands.

    When I use Chinese soup spoons to cut through something, I find that the porcelain ones have a thicker lip and thus I use a plastic Chinese spoon instead. Those disposable plastic soup spoons have the sharpest edges, but usually I only have melamine ones on hand.

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