Blender bottle

img-79362.jpg img-79392.jpg

I came across this in a cookware shop in Britain, Lakeland, which always has interesting and high-quality equipment and gadgets. It’s a plastic bottle with a pouring spout that has a coiled metal ball inside that helps to shake up the contents. Just snap shut the leak-proof spout and you can store the contents in the fridge for later, and when you’re ready to use, a quick shake will quickly blend it all together. Amazingly, nothing gets stuck in the corners, it all mixes up beautifully.

For me, so far I’ve found it great for:
* powdered beverages, especially those cereal grain drinks where the cereal bit tends to settle at the bottom.
* waffle, pancake and poh piah skin batter — stores well in fridge so you can have pancakes & skins ready in seconds!
The official Blender Bottle website also suggests:
* sports drinks
* French toast batter
* eggs
* gravies
* pudding
* marinades
* and ‘On the Go!’ [will the Blender Bottle appear in my bento bag some day ?]

If you’re looking for them in Singapore, I happened to chance upon them in GNC, in the bodybuilding supplements section as they’re used for making protein shakes. The ones in GNC are 28 oz (830ml) capacity, bigger than the one in my photo, which is 20 oz (590ml), and sold for about S$20.

The official Blender Bottle website has full specs and details of the type of plastic & stainless steel used as well as photos and testimonials.


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