Vegetarian bento lunches

Recently I had to pack a series of bento lunches that were vegetarian, as well as taking into my sensitivities to salicylates, glutamates and amines, not to mention avoiding foods that aggravate candidiasis. Now that was a major creativity challenge! I also made an effort to plan more variety between each of the meals than I usually do and also to splurge a bit on as much organic ingredients and produce as possible. Salt is the only seasoning used in the savoury dishes shown here.

The most suitable box for these lunches was the EZ-Lock compartmentalised box, which I described here. In my earlier posting, I commented that it’s normally too big for a single meal for me, but I managed to eat up most or all of the food in these vegetarian bento.

Vegetarian bento 1


* Origins Healthcare wild rice + brown rice blend. My current favourite brown rice, unlike many brands, it doesn’t have a stale & rancid taste.
* fried taukwa (firm tofu) stuffed with shredded cucumber, to be eaten with pureed pumpkin (orange contents of smallest section on left) and topped with toasted pumpkin seeds (inside blue mini condiments container). Based on this recipe, minus all the sauces and seasonings.
* stir-fried broccoli with chopped garlic

Vegetarian bento 2


* Origins Healthcare wild rice + brown rice blend
* stir-fried brinjal and cubes of fried taukwa with caramelised onion
* dhal with onions, garlic and little bit of red capsicum, no curry spices
* raita (live cultures yoghurt + chopped cucumber) — packed with mini ice pack, which I melted and bent into the shape of container, then put the whole bento container into the freezer to solidify the ice pack into shape.

Vegetarian bento 3

* couscous, cooked with garlic, onions, raisins, dried cranberries plus toasted pecans, raw tomato, cucumber and spring onions. This was delicious but not at all a good dish for my dietary restrictions! Anti-candida diets should not include nuts and dried fruit or refined pasta — which is what couscous is; tomato intake must be monitored for salicylate and glutamate levels, although fresh tomato is much better than tomato products.
* Japanese sweet potato, satsumaimo, with caramelised onions
* stir-fried broccoli with chopped garlic

Vegetarian bento 4

* vegetable okonomiyaki with onions, bean sprouts, cabbage, carrots, dried soya mince. I happened to find some organic yamaimo, which inspired me to make this.
* dhal, leftovers see vegetarian bento 2 above
* guava fruit

I also had a fifth vegetarian bento but I forgot to take photos . It was Chinese stir-fried noodles (organic wholewheat) with garlic, onions, bean sprouts, carrots, red capsicum and egg. The side dishes were slices of raw cucumber and cubes of guava fruit.

9 Responses

  1. The tofu-cucumber pockets look so delicious! At first glance, I almost thought that the tofu was sandwich buns. :)

  2. Thanks, Joyce :). There’s a very tasty Indonesian version of beansprouts & cucumber-stuffed fried taukwa, which is topped with a sweet soy & peanut sauce, called tahu goreng. Something to try for those without food sensitivities :):
    Maybe I should try to adapt my own version with just a teeny-weeny bit of homemade sauce (and kinako to replace chopped peanuts) that won’t exceed my tolerance limits!

  3. I’ve never heard about “tahu goreng” before, but I’m happy that I did. It seems so easy to make but delicious at the same time. I can’t wait to nail down some fried tofu so that I can try the recipe out. :)

  4. These bento boxes look sooo tasty! I especially love the first one, but it all looks so good!

  5. Thanks, Vici :).

  6. hi niceties, thanks for sharing. all looks healthy and tasty. anyway i noticed you mentioned the use of couscous here. do you know where to buy it? i had tried many stores, also serached forum that discuss it but to no avail. are you buying it in some speciality shop? i really like it and hope to eat it again. thanks again.

  7. Hi Diana,

    Are you in Singapore? If so, couscous is easily available at regular supermarkets. The last packet I bought was in Cold Storage Marketplace at Paragon in the section with the aborio/risotto rice. I’m fairly sure you can get couscous in regular Cold Storage, Carrefour, and NTUC Finest (and possibly normal NTUC as well).

  8. Oh! really? yah im in singapore. haha i tried some cold storage last time but couldn’t find (even the holland village or maybe they were out of stock). well if you have said so then i’ll try at other cold storage or the specific one that you have mentioned there. im so grateful, thanks a lot! that was really helpful! :)

  9. Hi Diana,
    Do try Carrefour — they have a lot of European foods. Hope you can find some without too much hassle.

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