Sausages without the nasties


I was browsing the specialist butchery, The Butcher, next door to Phoon Huat Holland Village (or rather, Chip Bee Gardens) and came across these sausages that are marked as gluten-free and preservative-free. They are made in-house using just minced meat (choice of chicken, beef or pork), rice flour, salt and pepper, then frozen.


They don’t seem to taste as salty as normal commercial sausages, but I’m not sure what meat cuts go into them, so they are probably still very high fat. If you have a food sensitivity to amines, all preserved meats have them, even sausages without nasties :).

With these, I finally tasted sausage again after years! It’s great to have them as an occasional junk food indulgence, though I certainly wouldn’t eat them often. At a price of S$28/kg, your wallet will also encourage you to ration them!

If you have more specific dietary or culinary needs, The Butcher’s website says:

The Butcher’s sausages are carefully handmade from Australian meat and all natural sheep/hog casings. The Butcher boasts the largest variety of sausages in Singapore and can tailor make sausages to our customer’s requirements.

You can view and buy the sausages online here.


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