Whisks I use

In the course of my cooking adventures, I’ve ended with a selection of different whisks, and I’ve been trying to understand the differences in how they each work.

First of all, I have a standard metal balloon whisk purchased from Daiso, which has served me very well. I use this for beating egg whites by hand. The balloon shape is good for frothing up the whites.

In addition, I also have a few other less common types of whisks.

From top to bottom:
a) small flat whisk with spiral coil around a single wire
b) small elongated balloon whisk
c) full-sized silicone flat whisk

Whisk (a) comes highly recommended by Delia Smith as good for all sorts of things; it’s referred to as the ‘Wonder Whisk’. Recently, I noticed them being sold in Daiso, so no need to source for some expensive UK brand :D. I usually use it for beating a single egg, or mixing a powdered beverage as the flat shape reaches into the corners of a mug/jug better than a balloon-shaped whisk. The extra coil of wire seems to produce a lot more froth.

Whisk (b) is excellent for beverages as the elongated shape can agitate the liquid throughout the depth of a mug. Easily obtained in Daiso, although I’ve seen them in Phoon Huat for even less than Daiso’s S$2 price (but with less prongs). They are handy stirrers when serving beverages as well, you can give each person one in place of providing a teaspoon.

Whisk (c) is useful for sauces and batters. The flat shape enables the whisk to reach into the corners of pots and mixing bowls, while the silicone coating makes it non-scratch for your pot surfaces as well as heat-resistant. The flat shape does not produce enough froth for beating egg whites. Mine is Cuisipro brand and although I purchased it overseas some years ago, I haven’t seen the exact same item in Singapore so far.

If you’re into different types of specialised whisks, including silicone ones, by Cuisipro, try visiting the Cuisipro agent in Singapore, Razorsharp (which I wrote about earlier).


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