Coconut agar-agar


Open a fresh coconut, drain out the coconut water and scrape out the flesh with a teaspoon to create small pieces that will fit nicely in to the bottom of the jelly moulds.

One packet of agar-agar powder is enough for one litre of liquid, so adjust accordingly.


The sweet taste of the coconut water seems to diminish when they are made into jellies. Unless you have a delicate palate, these will seem tasteless, with a creamy touch from the coconut flesh.


These were larger jellies made in sillicone baking cups. However, I noticed a strange taste from these jellies that those made with the plastic jelly moulds did not have. The odd taste was so strong that it overwhelmed the very delicate flavour of the coconut water.

Don’t forget that agar-agar doesn’t melt so these are excellent additions to bento boxes in hot weather. You might also want to have a look at my other jelly recipes (agar-agar & konnnyaku).

This is such a simple recipe, I wish I had thought of it before! Full credit goes to our family’s domestic helper who came up with the idea and made the agar-agar :).


4 Responses

  1. I love coconuts!

  2. Those look so yummy and fun – better than the sugary colored finger jello they served at parties when I was a kid!

  3. hey niceties! great to see how your blog is evolving.

    got a question for you: which gelling agent do you think would retain most of the flavour of the original liquidf? i noticed you mentioned the sweetness of the coconut water diminished once jellied by agar agar.

    i somehow have the urge to make pennywort jellies!

  4. Hi e quinny quin! I’m sorry, I have not experimented with different gelling agents. I’m mostly into hard texture so no softy gelatine jellies for me :).

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