Object of desire: Qubies

Learnt about this via postings on the Failsafe Yahoogroup for those following the Failsafe food intolerance programme.

Qubies are ice cube trays that make 30ml-sized portions, perfect for feeding babies, but also for anyone who needs to freeze foods in small portions. Regular ice-cube trays divide up into portions that are too small for foods. The unique thing about Qubies is also that the dividers are in the lid.

Then again, Qubies aren’t cheap at AU$16.95 each (excluding postage). The cheaper, but less elegant and more space-consuming option would be use a bunch of stackable Lock & Lock E-Z Lock containers, which is what I have been doing so far. However, the smallest E-Z Lock is 190ml, which is sometimes be too big. Canton Pixie has mentioned in the comments on this blog her method of using disposable (but washable & reusable) plastic sauce or pudding containers from SKP to freeze baby food.


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  1. My challenge with freezing portions is that I have only a few (two) containers that hold the perfect size portions. I don’t want to tie them up for weeks in the freezer. My mother-in-law tipped me on what to do –

    Line the container with microwaveable plastic wrap (if the container is larger than the wrap fully lines, you can overlap the edges and roll once to make a sealed seam). Fill it, folding the plastic wrap over the top of the food and then putting the lid on the box. Freeze it. Come back in four hours or so, and tap the now-solid food block out. You may need to dunk it quickly in hot water to loosen the block. Wrap the plastic-wrapped block in foil, write what’s in it and the date on the foil with a permanent marker, and put it into the freezer. Then repeat with the next portion. It isn’t fast… but it works and it only takes ONE appropriate freezer container.

    If you use a square box, it even makes nice, neat, stackable squares that you can label the sides in order to read each one like a book spine in a stack of books.

    Seems obvious now that I know the trick, and you may have thought of it before, but maybe it will help someone.

  2. Hi Sara,

    Thanks for the great tip!

    What I do is to remove the frozen food from the ice cube tray or container, then put the frozen shapes of the same type of food into a ziploc bag (which can be labelled). No need for plastic wrap and foil, so can cut down on throwaway materials that way.

    If you can read Japanese, there are great books entirely about freezing techniques. Lunchinabox has some reviews here:
    and she often blogs about the various techniques (great for those who don’t read Japanese :D!)

  3. Hi girls I’ve just seen your notes and I can tell you that I am using Qubies and they are just fantastic. What I do is I fill the container with my babies puree and freeze it. Once it’s frozen I pop the cubes out into freezer bags and label them. Then at meal time I just take a cube from each bag, mix and match a few veggies and viola a different meal each night. I thought the Qubies might be too good to be true but they are the best thing I have found on the market (and I have brought just about everything – lol). Lex

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