Thoughts on baking for egg allergy

One of my regular readers asked for suggestions on baking for her son who is allergic to eggs.

Although I don’t have personal experience dealing with this particular intolerance, my first thought is that vegan cooking/baking would be the best resource. There are many vegan recipe books, both from western and Chinese perspectives. (Buddhist vegetarians in Singapore often don’t identify themselves as vegans, even though they don’t take eggs and dairy products, so my ‘Vegetarian’ category on this blog actually refers to vegan foods.)

I would recommend vegan diets based on holistic, wholefoods principles as the recipes would been selected or adapted to be made from fresh ingredients, rather than using commercial, packaged egg replacer formulas.

I prefer to avoid things where you don’t really know what the ingredients are, or even if you do, how they have been processed. Of course, we can’t completely avoid this, but if there are ways to make things from scratch, then that’s the best way to go.

Do leave a comment if you have more suggestions for egg allergy baking :).


6 Responses

  1. hallo there niceties!!
    Long time no see! I have been busy trying to do just this – egg-free baking!

    I have been using Orgran’s egg replacer (the ingredients listed look safe), and as for the rest – I usually just omit eggs or replace with corn flour/ tapioca flour if the purpose of eggs is to bind. will write more when I can! Gotta go now!

  2. hi Niceties,
    I have found this website that I think is really really cool for egg-free baking – it’s connected to tons of other sites and is a community of experimenters on eggless cooking!

    i hope ur other readers find this useful!!

  3. p/s can u add in a feature in ur blog that’ll enable us to subscribe to new posts via email? i’d love to be on your email list!

  4. Hi CP, thanks for the web link and I’ve just added subscription by email at your request :).

  5. Hi, there are quite a few options for baking egg free. I especially like the Cherrybrook Kitchen mixes.

    • Thanks for the tip, Steve.

      Personally, I don’t use mixes as I prefer to understand and have full control over the ingredients that I’m cooking with, though others may find them very convenient.

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