Preservative-free dried fruit at Nature’s Farm

This is great — I’ve discovered an easily-accessible source of dried fruit, including my favourite, cranberries. Nature’s Farm has dozens of outlets all over Singapore, so it’s great if you need to stock up on dried fruit for baking at short notice.

I remember the days when it was one of the only places that stocked health foods, these days the limited selection falls far short of the many health food shops that have sprung up all over the island.

However, the dried fruit is just what I’m looking for — labelled as unsweetened and unsulphured, and the price is very comparable to my regular organic food shops.

Dried cranberries from Nature's Farm

Dried cranberries from Nature's Farm


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  1. There are so many great foods (and food blogs) from Singapore! My goodness, but I need to make a trip one day….

  2. Hi OnlinePastryChef,

    Eating is often considered the national pastime in Singapore :) so I’m glad you are exploring the many, many enthusiastic and comprehensive Singapore food blogs. You can also read Anthony Bourdain’s account of his encounter with Singapore food from the New York Times (24 Sep 2006) at:

    This blog is barely representative of Singapore food because of my wide-ranging food intolerances, but at the same time the diverse culinary choices here provide many opportunities for food-intolerants to eat well and interestingly.

  3. Do you have the potassium content of chinese Dried cranberries i.e., wai?
    American dried cranberries are 40 mg of Potassium per 100 grams of dried cranberries.

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