Bookshelf: Japanese

Here are the Japanese-language books I own. The beautiful photos are inspiring and informative, even if you don’t read Japanese (although being able to read kanji script’s Chinese characters, foreign loan-words in katakana and knowing some basic Japanese has also helped me a great deal).

Please click on the links for further publication details. No commercial interest to book retailers linked from here.

Bento books

1) 愛情たっぷり! おべんとう―中高生からお父さんまで家族みんなが大満足

2) 5分でできた! 超便利! 可愛ハヤお弁当

3) 使える!おべんとうの本―これ1冊あれば安心 (別冊エッセ)

使える!おべんとうの本―これ1冊あれば安心 (別冊エッセ)  

4) 毎日ムリなく手早くおべんとう―脇流カンタン法則 (講談社のお料理BOOK)

毎日ムリなく手早くおべんとう―脇流カンタン法則 (講談社のお料理BOOK)  

5) 女子中高生のスクールべんとう―ヘルシー!かんたん!全メニューカロリー表示


6) 毎日おいしい!中高生のお弁当


7) 10分でおいしいおべんとう―おかず3品簡単レシピ (別冊週刊女性) 舘野 鏡子

10分でおいしいおべんとう―おかず3品簡単レシピ (別冊週刊女性)  





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  1. […] for this dish goes to my family’s Indonesian domestic helper who has been as inspired by my collection of Japanese bento books as I have :) – which also goes to show that you don’t need to be able to read the language to […]

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