Manuka honey for dry skin & coconut oil for dry hair

While we are on the subject of skin care, thought I’d slip in a post to say how terrific I’ve found manuka honey for seriously, critically dry skin connected with the kind of skin problems you might have as a result of food sensitivities.

I mentioned coconut oil for dry skin in my previous post, but I recently discovered that manuka honey (edible, straight out of the jar) is much much more effective. I knew about it as a wound dressing, but never thought to use it more generally on the skin. The downside is that it is of course, very sticky and messy, much more so than coconut oil.

Coconut oil is still a good natural moisturiser if you want something straightforward as an alternative to commercial lotions loaded with chemical additives. And also a good choice if you have candida problems.

One thing I found coconut oil was excellent for: conditioning extremely dry hair caused by perming, bleaching etc. No expensive serums and treatments needed :).