Useful posts

Here’s a list of quick links to the pages where I’ve compiled reference information, or pages that I’d like to be able to find easily.

Key basic recipes
Improved recipe for gluten-free, yeast-free bean bread

Gluten-free muffins basic recipe (bean, rice & tapioca flours)
Wholemeal muffins basic recipe (no sugar)
Gluten-free flour mix: rice, tapioca & soy flours

Food intolerances

Food Rotation and ‘exotic’ foods
Natural food colourings
Natural food colourings II

Flours (general principles)
Flours for Chinese & Japanese snacks (includes wheat and non-wheat flours)
Gluten-free flours in Indian cooking
This is what I call a yam

Q: When is a yam not a yam?
Coagulants for homemade tofu
Another word on tofu coagulants
Making tofu at home
Making tofu at home P.S
Beans: soaking and combating gas
On cooking beans
On homemade soya sauce
Soy bean fibre (okara)
Miracle ingredient: agar!
Wheat flour minus gluten equals…
Buying flour & using gluten
Learn about leavening/rising agents
Buying Japanese rice
Substitutes for buttermilk
Custard powder substitute

Kitchen equipment
Whisks I use
Kitchen tool of the year: ceramic vegetable peeler
My new kitchen utensil: claypot
Daily bread (buying a bread machine)
A waffles novice (buying a waffle iron)

Bento equipment & tips
Bento primer part 1: foods for bento
Bento primer part 2: planning bento meals
Bento primer part 3: packing bento
Bento primer 4: stocking up on bento equipment
Bento primer 5: getting into a routine
Choosing insulated mugs
My bento bags: cream-coloured Muji
My bento bags 2: kiwi green & orange Reisenthel

My bento bags 3: two-layer Tzu Chi

Asvel bento box

Kitchen how-to
Alternative method for separating eggs
Making coconut milk
Measuring butter: displacement method


How long to brew your tea?
Iced green teas & cold-brewing tea
Tea and your constitution
Tea, caffeine & one’s constitution pt. 2
Tea for the caffeine-sensitive person

Food cultures
The ‘Five Principles’ of Washoku

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