Anzacs cookies: cute version


I’ve been very happy with the Anzacs recipe I’ve been using, except for the fact that I find the cookies fall apart too easily.

This time I tried making them in tiny paper cups, and it worked really well. I also used baby oats instead of rolled oats for a finer texture.

You don’t lose any oat crumbs as you can simply pour them into your mouth! Plus they look pretty and cute (^.^)


Citric acid substitute for lemon juice

Those sensitive to salicylates need to watch out for the latter in citrus fruits. So recipes calling for lemon juice can be substituted with this citric acid mix.

4 Tbs warm water
1tsp sugar
3/4 tsp citric acid or to taste

Dissolve together and store in fridge.

(Recipe taken from Sue Dengate’s The Failsafe Cookbook.)