Anzacs cookies: cute version


I’ve been very happy with the Anzacs recipe I’ve been using, except for the fact that I find the cookies fall apart too easily.

This time I tried making them in tiny paper cups, and it worked really well. I also used baby oats instead of rolled oats for a finer texture.

You don’t lose any oat crumbs as you can simply pour them into your mouth! Plus they look pretty and cute (^.^)


Breakfast cereals and cold milk

Before my recent foray into breakfast cereals a couple of weeks ago, I can’t remember when was the previous time I crunched on bowl of crispy breakfast cereal in cold dairy milk. With most commercial cereals full of sugar and additives, not to mention the fact that Kelloggs cereals in Singapore are produced regionally and are much inferior in taste (as I remember from years and years ago, when I was still eating processed foods from the supermarket).

However, I’ve recently noticed the wide variety of breakfast cereals made from alternative grains on health food shelves, including NTUC Finest. For example, from Arrowhead Mills, there’s amaranth, spelt and kamut flakes, while from Nature’s Path brand, you can get spelt or millet flakes, or even ‘heirloom wholegrain’ cereal containing “Organic Kamut®* wheat flour, organic wheat bran, organic evaporated cane juice, organic spelt flour, organic whole oat flour, organic whole wheat meal, organic barley flour, organic whole millet, organic barley malt extract, organic quinoa, sea salt, organic honey.”

First, I chomped through a delicious box of crispy oat flakes from Arrowhead Mills — not raw oats that have to be cooked into a porridge, but just like cornflakes. Having forsworn Kelloggs’ cornflakes so long ago, I had totally erased the idea of cornflakes from my consciousness, but the ‘gluten-free’ tag drew my attention to Nature’s Path Honey’d Corn Flakes (Organic corn meal, organic evaporated cane juice, organic honey, sea salt). What a rediscovery for me! I couldn’t believe how delicious this box of cornflakes tasted, largely thanks to an excellent crisp texture.

As for the milk part, occasionally, I’ll indulge with dairy milk, but otherwise, I’ll rotate oat, rice and soy milks.

Yaay, one more viable snack option :).

29/11/08 Update: Cheapest place to buy Nature’s Path cereals that I’ve found in Singapore so far is Meidi-ya supermarket. It costs S$5.95 a box, which is the same or just a bit more than standard brands like Kelloggs and Post. It’s stocked on the regular breakfast cereal shelves, next to Arrowhead Mills cereals.