Bento boxes at Meidi-ya Singapore

Finally! I have found functional bento boxes (as opposed to cutesy and child-sized type which are plentiful in Daiso) in different capacities on sale in Singapore! If you’re looking for a basic bento box similiar in design to my Asvel box, head straight to Meidi-ya.

Lustroware clear boxes in three sizes: 490ml (S$13.90), 670ml (S$14.90), and 890ml (S$18.90). They are microwavable, have leakproof seal, and a movable divider.

There are also dark grey and black, very large men’s style bento, some of which come with insulated slipcase, and which cost up to S$31.90. There are single layer and double layer men’s boxes.

The boxes are all labelled with Ag+, indicating silver ions to give the plastic an anti-bacterial property.

All the Lustroware boxes which I saw in Meidi-ya are manufactured in China for the Japanese market.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks, that is very useful. I have been trying to find boxes that has dividers but to no avail. The one I saw in daiso is a round one and is very small.

  2. You’re welcome, Emilyn. Surprisingly, it’s really hard to find practical bento boxes for adults in Singapore.

    I have to get a bento box that has dividers and can retain heat. I assume the ones you bought can retain the heat of the food, right?
    Please reply on your blog here….thanks.

  4. Dear Adeline,

    It’s just a normal plastic box so there isn’t much heat retention…

    Even if you get the men’s size ones that come with a silver bag, I find that that insulated bags don’t do much to retain heat either. The only thing that really retains heat are those stainless steel jars.

    All the best with finding your perfect bento box!

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